THE COLORADO 500 is committed to

protecting the ride into the future. 


The board has agreed to continue our charitable contributions for 2020

doing everything in our power to maintain 2019 levels. 

We need your support to do so. 

We are looking for sponsors for the 45th Annual August 15-20, 2021 (see listing), and 2021 45th Annual T-shirt sponsors, goody bag items & live and silent auction items. Please help support the Colorado 500!


Support Colorado 500 by donating or becoming sponsor.

In the beginning, there was a ride...

Veteran rider registration starts spring of 2021. 

We need your support! Learn how you can sponsor this years ride.

Remembering those riders we have lost, but not forgotten.

"I certainly don't come to every event that comes through town, but I always come to see Colorado 500 riders because you're always giving back beyond simply spending money here."

- Mayor of Ouray

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