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Charity Invitational
August 25-29, 2024

for lovers of dirt, road, and adventure bikes

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Of A Lifetime
Colorado 500 is a Charity Invitational Motorcycle Ride
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Please Help Support

The Colorado 500
Support Our Youth, Communities,

and The Sport 

The Colorado 500 Charity Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

The mission is to provide assistance in the form of scholarships and grants to worthy individuals and organizations in Western Colorado.


The Charity Fund supports many needy organizations, programs, individuals, and includes a Scholarship Fund, Trail Fund, Memorial, and Ministries Fund.


  • Charity Fund: Supports many schools Youth & Athletic Programs, and other Needy Youth Services such as after school and at-risk programs, Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs, 4H Club, and Women & Children’s Shelters, Mountain Search & Rescue/EMT Organizations throughout CO, Ambulance Services, Community Centers, Local Police Depts. Youth and DARE programs, Disaster Relief as needed, and much more, which brings this general amount to $903,218.00.


  • The Colin Collins Memorial Fund: since 2007 has granted $60,000.00 to individuals to attend the National Disabled Veterans Sports Program.


  • Scholarship Fund: Has granted college scholarships to over 130 high school graduates totaling $882,527.00, and is the largest scholarship supporter at Basalt High School as well as supporting many other educational grants in small mountain communities the ride impacts. The funds raised come from individuals and some larger foundations and memorial funds such as the John Richardson Memorial Fund had raised $51,000.00 and the Billie Henry Music Scholarship had raised $33,000.00, to mention a few. As the ride grows more and more individuals and teams on the event are pooling funds to support a student in their name or team name, and some remain anonymous.


  • Trail Fund:, To help support many Trail Clubs who help keep our trails open including the TPA, COHVCO, San Juan Trail Riders, Gunnison GOATS, WESTCORE, CBTRA, and others. There have been many projects and USDA Forest Service Grants supported over the years. A recent project with Minnie Gulch area is set to open soon. Most recently, Colorado 500 signed for representation with Mountain States Legal Foundation in the matter of San Luis Valley Ecosystems Council, et. al., v. Dan Dallas, et., al. To date over $760,891.00 has been distributed in support of our trails in CO.


  • Ministries Fund:  Since 1992 the Ministry Fund has helped support CART Ministries, and other ministries, Christian Missions, community needs such as the Prayer Shawl Program, memorial needs, and support to the event Chaplain who provides services and year-round support as needed for those who seek council. To date $381,002.00 has been distributed from the ministries fund.

The combined totals granted 1981-2022 is $2,987,638.00, and has made a huge difference in so many people’s lives. The funds are distributed each year during the event with the riders participating in the check presentations. The entry fees and sponsors support the cost of the event, lodging, food, admin, etc., and 100% of donations raised each year are allocated directly to the designated recipients. The support given to so many needy causes throughout the small mountain communities in which the CO500 Charity Rides pass through each year, is also a way of saying thank you for us bringing such a large group of motorcyclists to their towns, and also presents a good image of the riders, as CO500 riders are known for their good trail etiquette and for being ambassadors of the sport. All this not only keeps the Colorado 500 welcomed in the small mountain towns throughout Colorado, supports tourism far and large, the State of CO, Forest Service Agencies, and helps maintain many needy organizations which struggle or would not survive without our help.

THE COLORADO 500 is committed to
protecting the ride into the future. 
Colorado 500 Supports our Youth, Communities and The Sport.  
We need your support to do so. 

 Click the button below to help support the Colorado 500  We ask for your tax-deductible donations, food sponsors, and sponsors for the 48th annual t-shirt.

We're also looking for benefit auction items!  

$91,137.00 was distributed in 2020 even though the event was postponed due to the pandemic.

 In 2021 $109,900.00 was distributed., in 2022 $124,175.00 was been distributed, and in 2023 $129,280.00 was distributed! $75,000.00 were college scholarships grants to 8 Basalt high School graduates and 3 additional scholarships in Crested Butte and Ouray. Your donations help greatly in supporting the Colorado 500 Charities Fund mission in offering assistance to many schools, search and rescue, women & children shelters, trail organizations, and many other needy organizations throughout Colorado in which the Colorado 500 impacts, and has helped change the lives of many.


by donating or becoming sponsor.

In the beginning, there was a ride...

Registration deadline is May 1st!

We need your support! Learn how you can sponsor this years ride.

Remembering those riders we have lost, but not forgotten.

"I certainly don't come to every event that comes through town, but I always come to see Colorado 500 riders because you're always giving back beyond simply spending money here."

- Mayor of Ouray

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