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Colorado 500 News Release

To the Colorado 500 Participants,

This year marks the 44th annual Colorado 500. The past 43 years of successful events have brought me great pride and joy; however, I've come to the decision to take a few steps back from the organization. Peppy and I would like to spend more time enjoying life in our 80's, living at the ranch, and spending time with our family. I am writing to announce my retirement from my position as chairman of the Colorado 500, although I am not bidding goodbye, my new title is Chairman Emeritus, and I look forward to seeing everyone at the events going forward.

I am extremely proud and grateful for all of you who have contributed to the continued success of the ride. The friendships we have made over the years are priceless. The generosity of the participants has benefited over 175 organizations, 90 college-bound students, and has allowed for $2.5 million in donations to be dispersed throughout the communities of western Colorado. The reputation of the event and our riders leave a lasting impression wherever we are known. Over the years, we have made memories to last a lifetime, as we positively impacted the mountain towns and folks we've come across. None of this would have been possible throughout the years, without the generosity of our 3,500 participants, support crews, medics, sponsors, donors, committees, and volunteers who help keep the event going. I am thankful to each and every one of you.

I foresee great continued success for the Colorado 500. I am confident that Janet Lohman, President and Executive Director, will continue to carry the many responsibilities to make this a great year now and into the future. I am also grateful for the work of our current board of directors: Glen Jammaron, Tony Thompson, Chip Giffith, and my son, Paul Dallenbach. The ride is in good hands, but the rest is up to all of you to bring in rookies, support the charity, and continue riding.


Wally Dallenbach

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