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Colorado 500 Scholarship | Letter from the Recipient

Dear Colorado 500 Family, I would first and foremost like to Thank-you all so much for awarding me with the Colorado 500 Scholarship. I can honestly say that it is going to make such a huge difference for me during these next four years of College. I greatly appreciate you for honoring me with this Award and I will not let you down. I am currently working in Landscaping for the summer and can tell you every dollar I’m currently earning towards school comes with much sweat and blisters and long days in the sun. No complaints, since I like working, but this makes your Scholarship that much more appreciated!! Thank-you for all you do for our Community and especially for all you do for all of us kids whom you’ve selected over the years for the Colorado 500. You make a huge impact in our lives and help make our dreams possible. I hope to make it to one of your two events scheduled for August, before I leave for Western. Time seems to be flying by. I move into my dorm on August 21st and school starts the following Monday. I'm excited and admittedly a little fearful, but I will give it my all to be successful. I’ve included my University information below as requested and my senior pictures are attached. I am eager to begin this new adventure and hope to make everyone who has helped me along the way very proud! I'm very grateful to all of you and especially the Dallenbach Family, Ms. Lohman and the Interview Council that made this experience so exciting and rewarding!!.  It was a pleasure meeting all of you and I feel honored to be considered part of the Colorado 500 Family! I will keep in contact with you while I start this new journey in my life. Thank-you!! Best Regards, Esteban Magaña

Western Colorado University

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